Key Table: EuroBraille Esys 80



  • The eight dot keys of the braille keyboard are behind the cursor routing keys.
  • From left to right, they are: Dot7, Dot3, Dot2, Dot1, Dot4, Dot5, Dot6, Dot8.
  • The two keys of the braille keyboard in front of the braille cells, from left to right, are: Backspace, Space.
  • The cursor routing keys are the small, round buttons just behind the braille cells.
  • RoutingKey1 means pressing a cursor routing key once (a single click).
  • RoutingKey2 means pressing a cursor routing key twice quickly (a double click).
  • The joysticks are the small, round, five-way (left, right, up, down, press) controls to the left and right of the cursor routing keys.
  • The switches are three-way (left, right, press) controls on the front surface.
  • Switch1 is the left outer switch.
  • Switch2 is the right outer switch.
  • Switch3 is the left inner switch.
  • Switch4 is the right inner switch.
  • Switch5 is between Switch1 and Switch3.
  • Switch6 is between Switch2 and Switch4.

Default Bindings

Special Modes

  • enter/leave help display: LeftJoystickRight+RightJoystickDown
  • enter/leave command learn mode: LeftJoystickRight+RightJoystickUp
  • enter/leave preferences menu: LeftJoystickRight+Switch1Left+Switch1Right
  • describe character: RoutingKey2

Cursor Functions

  • go to screen cursor: RightJoystickPress
  • bring screen cursor to character: RoutingKey1

Vertical Navigation

  • go up one line: RightJoystickUp
  • go down one line: RightJoystickDown
  • go to beginning of top line: LeftJoystickUp
  • go to beginning of bottom line: LeftJoystickDown
  • go up to previous command prompt: LeftJoystickLeft
  • go down to next command prompt: LeftJoystickRight

Horizontal Navigation

  • go backward one braille window:
    • Switch1Left
    • RightJoystickLeft
  • go forward one braille window:
    • Switch1Right
    • RightJoystickRight
  • go to beginning of line: LeftJoystickRight+Switch1Left
  • go to end of line: LeftJoystickRight+Switch1Right

Clipboard Functions

  • start new clipboard at character: LeftJoystickDown+RightJoystickLeft, RoutingKey1
  • append to clipboard from character: LeftJoystickDown+RightJoystickUp, RoutingKey1
  • linear copy to character: LeftJoystickDown+RightJoystickRight, RoutingKey1
  • rectangular copy to character: LeftJoystickDown+RightJoystickDown, RoutingKey1
  • insert clipboard text after screen cursor: LeftJoystickDown+RightJoystickPress

Configuration Functions

  • set track screen cursor on/off: LeftJoystickRight+Switch2Left+Switch2Right

Speech Functions

  • stop speaking: LeftJoystickLeft+Switch1Left+Switch1Right
  • speak current line: LeftJoystickLeft+RightJoystickPress
  • speak from top of screen through current line: LeftJoystickLeft+RightJoystickUp
  • speak from current line through bottom of screen: LeftJoystickLeft+RightJoystickDown
  • decrease speaking volume: LeftJoystickLeft+RightJoystickLeft
  • increase speaking volume: LeftJoystickLeft+RightJoystickRight
  • decrease speaking rate: LeftJoystickLeft+Switch1Left
  • increase speaking rate: LeftJoystickLeft+Switch1Right

Keyboard Input

  • braille keyboard dot1: Dot1
  • braille keyboard dot2: Dot2
  • braille keyboard dot3: Dot3
  • braille keyboard dot4: Dot4
  • braille keyboard dot5: Dot5
  • braille keyboard dot6: Dot6
  • braille keyboard dot7: Dot7
  • braille keyboard dot8: Dot8
  • braille keyboard space: Space
  • backspace key: Backspace
  • escape key: Space+Dots1245
  • cursor-left key: Space+Dot2
  • cursor-right key: Space+Dot5
  • cursor-up key: Space+Dot4
  • cursor-down key: Space+Dot6
  • page-up key: Space+Dots13
  • page-down key: Space+Dots46
  • home key: Space+Dots123
  • end key: Space+Dots456
  • insert key: Space+Dots135
  • delete key: Space+Dots36
  • function key #1: Backspace+Dot1
  • function key #2: Backspace+Dots12
  • function key #3: Backspace+Dots14
  • function key #4: Backspace+Dots145
  • function key #5: Backspace+Dots15
  • function key #6: Backspace+Dots124
  • function key #7: Backspace+Dots1245
  • function key #8: Backspace+Dots125
  • function key #9: Backspace+Dots24
  • function key #10: Backspace+Dots245
  • function key #11: Backspace+Dots13
  • function key #12: Backspace+Dots123
  • enter key: Backspace+Space
  • tab key: Space+Dots256
  • tab key + shift: Space+Dots236
  • cycle the Shift sticky input modifier (next, on, off): Space+Dot7
  • cycle the Control sticky input modifier (next, on, off): Space+Dots78
  • cycle the Meta (Left Alt) sticky input modifier (next, on, off): Space+Dot8