Key Table: HIMS Braille Sense with QWERTY Keyboard



  • Function Key Bindings
    • Function-b: skip blank windows on/off
    • Function-c: cursor show/hide
    • Function-d: display mode attributes/text
    • Function-f: screen image frozen/unfrozen
    • Function-h: help screen enter/leave
    • Function-i: skip identical lines on/off
    • Function-l: learn mode enter/leave
    • Function-p: preferences menu enter/leave
    • Function-s: status line enter/leave
    • Function-t: cursor tracking on/off
    • Function-u: highlight underline on/off
    • Function-v: bring cursor to current line
    • Function-w: sliding window on/off

Default Bindings

Special Modes

  • enter/leave help display: LeftScrollUp+LeftScrollDown+RightScrollUp+RightScrollDown
  • enter/leave preferences menu: RightScrollUp+RightScrollDown+LeftScrollDown
  • enter/leave status display: RightScrollUp+RightScrollDown+LeftScrollUp
  • set display mode attributes/text: LeftScrollDown+RightScrollDown
  • set screen image frozen/unfrozen: LeftScrollDown+RightScrollUp

Cursor Functions

  • go to screen cursor or go back after cursor tracking: RightScrollUp+RightScrollDown
  • bring screen cursor to character: RoutingKey

Vertical Navigation

  • go up one line: LeftScrollUp
  • go down one line: LeftScrollDown
  • go to top line: LeftScrollUp+LeftScrollDown+RightScrollUp
  • go to bottom line: LeftScrollUp+LeftScrollDown+RightScrollDown

Horizontal Navigation

  • go backward one braille window: RightScrollUp
  • go forward one braille window: RightScrollDown
  • go to beginning of line: LeftScrollUp+LeftScrollDown

Configuration Functions

  • set text style 6-dot/8-dot: LeftScrollUp+RightScrollDown
  • set track screen cursor on/off: LeftScrollUp+RightScrollUp