Key Table: Metec BD I (with 3 keys)


Default Bindings

Special Modes

  • enter/leave help display: Select+RoutingKey.1
  • enter/leave command learn mode: Select+RoutingKey.2
  • enter/leave preferences menu: Select+RoutingKey.3
  • enter/leave status display: Select+RoutingKey.4

Cursor Functions

  • go to screen cursor or go back after cursor tracking: Select+Up+Down
  • bring screen cursor to character: RoutingKey

Vertical Navigation

  • go up one line: Up
  • go down one line: Down
  • go to top line: Select+Up
  • go to bottom line: Select+Down

Horizontal Navigation

  • go forward one braille window:
    • Select
    • Up+Down

Clipboard Functions

  • start new clipboard at character: Up+RoutingKey
  • linear copy to character: Down+RoutingKey
  • rectangular copy to character: Down+Select+RoutingKey
  • append characters to clipboard: Up+Select+RoutingKey