Key Table: Papenmeier BrailleX 2D Lite (plus)



Default Bindings

Special Modes

  • enter/leave help display: Status.1
  • enter/leave command learn mode: Status.2
  • enter/leave preferences menu: Status.9
  • enter/leave status display: Status.4
  • set display mode attributes/text: Status.7
  • set display mode attributes: Status.7+Attribute
  • set display mode text: Status.7+Function
  • set screen image frozen/unfrozen: Status.8
  • set screen image frozen: Status.8+Attribute
  • set screen image unfrozen: Status.8+Function
  • show current date and time: Status.12

Cursor Functions

  • go to screen cursor: Home
  • go back after cursor tracking: Status.5
  • bring screen cursor to character: RoutingKey1
  • bring screen cursor to current line: Status.3

Vertical Navigation

  • go up one line: Backward
  • go down one line: Forward
  • go to top line: Attribute+Backward
  • go to bottom line: Attribute+Forward
  • go to beginning of top line: Function+Backward
  • go to beginning of bottom line: Function+Forward
  • go up to nearest line with different content: Function+Up
  • go down to nearest line with different content: Function+Down
  • go up to nearest line with different highlighting: Attribute+Up
  • go down to nearest line with different highlighting: Attribute+Down
  • go up to first line of paragraph: Cursor+Up
  • go down to first line of next paragraph: Cursor+Down
  • go up several lines: Up
  • go down several lines: Down
  • go up to nearest line with less indent than character: Cursor+RoutingKey1
  • go down to nearest line with less indent than character: Braille+RoutingKey1

Horizontal Navigation

  • go backward one braille window: Function
  • go forward one braille window: Attribute
  • go to beginning of line: Function+Home
  • go to end of line: Attribute+Home
  • go left one character: Cursor+Home
  • go right one character: Braille+Home
  • go left half a braille window: Cursor
  • go right half a braille window: Braille

Clipboard Functions

  • start new clipboard at character: Function+RoutingKey1
  • rectangular copy to character: Attribute+RoutingKey1
  • insert clipboard text after screen cursor:
    • Status.13
    • Function+Attribute
  • search backward for clipboard text: Braille+Up
  • search forward for clipboard text: Braille+Down

Configuration Functions

  • set track screen cursor on/off: Status.6
  • set track screen cursor on: Status.6+Attribute
  • set track screen cursor off: Status.6+Function
  • set screen cursor visibility on/off: Status.10
  • set screen cursor visibility on: Status.10+Attribute
  • set screen cursor visibility off: Status.10+Function
  • set attribute underlining on/off: Status.11
  • set attribute underlining on: Status.11+Attribute
  • set attribute underlining off: Status.11+Function