Key Table: Power Braille 65



Default Bindings

Special Modes

  • enter/leave help display:
    • Button1+Button2
    • RoutingKey.1+RoutingKey.65
  • enter/leave command learn mode:
    • Button1+Button2+Button3+Button4
    • RoutingKey.1+RoutingKey.2+RoutingKey.64+RoutingKey.65
  • enter/leave preferences menu: Bar1+Bar2
  • enter/leave status display: Button3+Button4
  • set display mode attributes: Switch4Up
  • set display mode text: Switch4Down
  • set screen image frozen: Switch2Up
  • set screen image unfrozen: Switch2Down

Cursor Functions

  • go to screen cursor: Concave
  • go back after cursor tracking: Concave+LeftRockerUp
  • bring screen cursor to character: RoutingKey
  • bring screen cursor to current line: LeftRockerDown+RightRockerDown

Vertical Navigation

  • go up one line:
    • Bar1
    • RightRockerUp
  • go down one line:
    • Bar3
    • Bar4
    • Bar2
    • RightRockerDown
  • go to beginning of top line: Button1+Bar1
  • go to beginning of bottom line: Button1+Bar2
  • go up to nearest line with different content: Button2+Bar1
  • go down to nearest line with different content:
    • Button2+Bar3
    • Button2+Bar4
    • Button2+Bar2
  • go up to nearest line with different highlighting: Button2+RightRockerUp
  • go down to nearest line with different highlighting: Button2+RightRockerDown
  • go up to first line of paragraph: RoutingKey.1+RoutingKey.2+RightRockerUp
  • go down to first line of next paragraph: RoutingKey.1+RoutingKey.2+RightRockerDown
  • go up to previous command prompt: RoutingKey.2+RoutingKey.3+RightRockerUp
  • go down to next command prompt: RoutingKey.2+RoutingKey.3+RightRockerDown
  • go up several lines:
    • Convex+LeftRockerUp
    • Button1+Button2+Bar1
  • go down several lines:
    • Convex+LeftRockerDown
    • Button1+Button2+Bar2
  • go up to nearest line with less indent than character: RoutingKey+RightRockerUp
  • go down to nearest line with less indent than character: RoutingKey+RightRockerDown

Horizontal Navigation

  • go backward one braille window: Button3
  • go forward one braille window: Button4
  • go to beginning of line: LeftRockerUp+Button3
  • go to end of line: LeftRockerUp+Button4
  • go left one character:
    • Convex+Button1
    • RoutingKey.1+RoutingKey.2
  • go right one character:
    • Convex+Button2
    • RoutingKey.64+RoutingKey.65
  • go left half a braille window:
    • LeftRockerUp+Button1
    • RoutingKey.1+RoutingKey.3
  • go right half a braille window:
    • LeftRockerUp+Button2
    • RoutingKey.63+RoutingKey.65
  • place left end of braille window at character: RoutingKey+LeftRockerUp

Clipboard Functions

  • start new clipboard at character: RoutingKey+Button1
  • append to clipboard from character: RoutingKey+Button2
  • linear copy to character: RoutingKey+Button4
  • rectangular copy to character: RoutingKey+Button3
  • copy characters to clipboard: RoutingKey+RoutingKey
  • insert clipboard text after screen cursor: RoutingKey.2+RoutingKey.3
  • search backward for clipboard text: RoutingKey.1+RoutingKey.3+RightRockerUp
  • search forward for clipboard text: RoutingKey.1+RoutingKey.3+RightRockerDown

Configuration Functions

  • set text style 6-dot/8-dot: Bar1+Bar2+LeftRockerDown
  • set skipping of lines with identical content on: Switch3Up
  • set skipping of lines with identical content off: Switch3Down
  • set track screen cursor on/off: Convex
  • set screen cursor visibility on/off: Bar1+Bar2+Button1
  • set screen cursor blinking on/off: Bar1+Bar2+Button1+Convex
  • set attribute underlining on: Switch1Up
  • set attribute underlining off: Switch1Down
  • set attribute blinking on: Switch1Up+Convex
  • set attribute blinking off: Switch1Down+Convex
  • set capital letter blinking on/off: Bar1+Bar2+Button2+Convex
  • set alert tunes on/off: Bar1+Bar2+Button2

Speech Functions

  • stop speaking: Bar2+RightRockerUp
  • speak current line: Bar2+RightRockerDown
  • speak from current line through bottom of screen: Bar1+Bar2+RightRockerDown
  • go to current speaking position: Concave+Bar2

Keyboard Input

  • cursor-left key: Button1
  • cursor-right key: Button2
  • cursor-up key: LeftRockerUp
  • cursor-down key: LeftRockerDown
  • switch to specific virtual terminal: RoutingKey+LeftRockerDown

Special Functions

  • remember current braille window position: RoutingKey+Convex
  • go to remembered braille window position: RoutingKey+Concave
  • restart speech driver: Bar1+Bar2+LeftRockerUp+RightRockerUp