[BRLTTY] 6.2 has been released.

Dave Mielke Dave at mielke.cc
Wed Dec 23 08:11:31 EST 2020

Release 6.2 of brltty has been released. A summary of it's most important
changes is as follows:

General changes:
   Problems related to the system waking up from suspend have been resolved.
   The format of the DESCCHAR command's output has been improved.
   The representation of any Unicode braille pattern can now be overridden.
   Prompt patterns no longer fall back to the default algorithm.
   The +route modifier now works for block commands.
   The Scroll-aware Cursor Navigation preference has been added.
   The Start Selection with Routing Key preference has been added.
   The Frank Audiodata braille device is now supported.
   The Java bindings have been significantly enhanced.
Alva braille driver changes:
   Satellite models:
      The Left/Right pads have been respectively renamed to Speech/Nav.
      The CLIP_COPY and CLIP_APPEND commands have been bound.
Hedo braille driver changes:
   Detection of The MobilLine model via USB has been improved.
Seika braille driver changes:
   The left space bar has been remapped to being the Meta (left alt) key.
XWindow braille driver changes:
   X clipboard support has been added.
AtSpi2 screen driver changes:
   Cursor routing problems have been resolved.
BrlAPI changes:
   The version is now 0.8.1 (it was 0.8.0).
   A problem with reading raw keycodes has been fixed.
   The server now also listens for localhost connections via IPV6.
   Byte reordering is now done for watched parameter values.
   Setting the computer braille cell size is no longer strict.
   Reading the RENDERED_CELLS parameter now works.
   These have been added for getting the underlying file descriptor:
   These parameters have been renamed:
   And their corresponding parameter types have also been renamed:
      brlapi_param_commandCode_t      -> brlapi_param_commandKeycode_t
      brlapi_param_commandShortName_t -> brlapi_param_commandKeycodeName_t
      brlapi_param_commandLongName_t  -> brlapi_param_commandKeycodeSummary_t
      brlapi_param_keyCode_t          -> brlapi_param_driverKeycode_t
      brlapi_param_keyShortName_t     -> brlapi_param_driverKeycodeName_t
      brlapi_param_keyLongName_t      -> brlapi_param_driverKeycodeSummary_t
Linux security enhancements:
   BRLTTY can now run as an unprivileged user.
   Some namespaces are now being isolated.
   A system call filter can be enabled.
   The --privilege-parameters command line option has been added.
   The privilege-parameters configuration file directive has been added.
   The --with-privilege-parameters configure option has been added.
   Full details in README.Linux (online at http://brltty.app/doc/Linux.html).
Android changes:
   Finding user customization files in /sdcard/brltty/ has bee fixed.
   Text selection and host clipboard interactions have been implemented.
   The screen element ordering algorithm has been improved.
   Speech tracking has been implemented.
   Commands for each of the global actions have been added.
   Global actions can now also be performed via chords.
   Global actions for moving to the first/last screen element have been added.
   Navigation among the visible screen windows is now supported.
   A global action to show the window title has been added.
   A global action to show various device status indicators has been added.
   Support for structural web page navigation has been added.
Systemd management changes:
   The brltty-device at .service instance unit has been added.
   BRLTTY is now run as an unprivileged user with perks.
   The BRLTTY instance is now stopped correctly on USB disconnect.
   A USB device management problem introduced in Systemd 247 has been fixed.
   BRLTTY's needed directories are now created (if necessary).
   The brlapi group is now assumed (e.g. for /etc/brlapi.key ownership).
Upstart udev rules changes:
   The initctl command (rather than start and stop) is now used.
   The --quiet and --no-wait options are now used.
   The udev rules now restart the job on connect if it's already running.
Polkit changes:
   Members of the brlapi group are now authorized.
   The rules/actions can now be (un)installed via the Polkit make file.
Command installation changes:
   The brltty-config script has been renamed to brltty-config.sh.
   The brltty-prologue.sh script is now installed.
   The brltty-genkey script is now installed.

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