[BRLTTY] 6.4 has been released.

Dave Mielke Dave at mielke.cc
Fri Sep 24 13:51:16 EDT 2021


Release 6.4 of brltty is now available. As usual, it can be downloaded from: http://brltty.app

here's a summary of the user-facing changes that it contains:

General changes:
   Dynamically changing the text table to auto now works.
   The keyboard table can now be explicitly set to off.
   Vertical scrolling for multi-line displays has been improved.
   Trailing whitespace (except for the first one) is now trimmed when pasting.
   The internationalization of date phrases has been improved.
   Emoji using characters like the hash (#) or asterisk (*) are now ignored.
Sliding braille window changes:
   Cursor tracking always moves the window all the way to the left
   if the whole line is short enough to fit on it.
   Sliding the window triggers when the screen cursor moves to
   (rather than beyond) the first/last cell of the text portion of the display.
Contracted braille changes:
   Contraction table support can no longer be excluded.
   An internal contraction table can now be configured.
   Contracted braille is automatically enabled on startup if:
      The contraction table has been either specified or automatically selected.
      The text table hasn't been either specified or automatically selected.
   Cursor tracking has been improved.
   Panning left when there are wide characters has been fixed.
   A buffer overrun that occasionally caused a crash has been fixed.
Preferences menu changes:
   The autospeak settings have been moved into their own submenu.
   Contracted Braille and 6-dot Computer Braille are now configured separately.
   Blinking properties are now configured by period and percent visible
   rather than by visible and invisible times.
   The Space status field type has been added.
   Three-digit status field types have been added.
New navigation commands:
   SAY_ALL: Speak the entire screen (SAY_ABOVE + SAY_BELOW).
   LOWER and HIGHER: Adjust the speech pitch.
   CONTRACTED: Toggle between contracted (on) and computer (off) braille.
   COMPBRL6: Toggle between six- and eight-dot computer braille.
   Chord-G (Space + dots 1245) is bound to the CONTRACTED toggle.
Status summary (info line) changes:
   Indicator character changes:
      c: The screen cursor is being rendered.
      s: The speech cursor is being rendered.
      t: Cursor tracking is on.
      u: The attributes underline is being rendered.
      Braille display content:
         6: six-dot computer braille
         8: eight-dot computer braille
         c: contracted braille
         a: character attributes
      Braille keyboard mode:
         space: typing in text mode
         b: typing in Unicode braille patterns mode
         d: keyboard is disabled
   Dot indicator changes:
      Dot5: rendering the attributes underline (was cursor style)
      Dot6: typing Unicode braille patterns (was blinking cursor)
      Dot8: the keyboard is enabled (was sliding window)
   Screen number when on a special screen:
      f: frozen host screen
      h: braille device or keyboard help screen
      m: preferences menu
New braille devices:
   The NLS eReader from Zoomax.
   The Brailliant BI 20X and 40X from Humanware.
   The Active Braille S from Help Tech.
FreedomScientific braille driver changes:
   Focus models:
      Many bindings for the front keys have been added.
      Bindings for speech navigation have been added.
HandyTech braille driver changes:
   Version 1.3 of the Easy Braille's USB-HID firmware is now supported.
HumanWare braille driver changes:
   The outer thumb keys now navigate up/down (used to be left/right).
   The inner thumb keys now navigate left/right (used to be up/down).
   Support for firmware version 1.1 of the newer models has been added.
BrlAPI changes:
   The version is now 0.8.3 (it was 0.8.2).
   The current braille typing mode is now honoured.
   Typing Unicode braille patterns has been fixed.
   Server termination during initialization no longer hangs.
   New client features:
      Writes can be automatically padded/truncated (use negative region size).
      The thread-safe brlapi_strerror_r() function.
      The brlapi_sync() function.
   Security fixes:
      Use fchmod (not chmod) to adjust local socket permissions.
      The sticky bit is now set on the local sockets directory.
Contraction table changes:
   Locale-based autoselection (set to auto) is now supported.
   A table for Russian (set to ru) has been added.
   UEB (Unified English Braille) changes:
      The Greek letters have been defined.
      Some math symbols have been added.
      Common accents are now supported - they are the
      acute, cedilla, circumflex, diaeresis, grave, and ring.
Android changes:
   The four main architectures (arm/x86, 32/64 bits) are now supported.
   BRLTTY is now an app on Google Play.
   The Java BrlAPI client objects are now available via a Maven repository.
   A customized brltty.conf can now be placed in the primary storage area.
   The default contraction table has been changed to auto (from en-us-g2).
   Rules specifying which data files should be backed up have been added.
   Web page rendering changes:
      Widget types are no longer unnecessarily shown.
      Annotations for lists and list items have been added.
      Link annotations no longer contain the link's URL.
   The about application screen now contains:
      BRLTTY's app version.
      The version of the BrlAPI server.
      The date and time of the build.
      The repository revision of the source code.
      A link to BRLTTY's privacy policy.
      The link to BRLTTY's app page on Google Play.
   Emulating F16 now logs the screen to a local file for developer debugging.
Windows changes:
   The .csv files have been added to the etc/ directory of the archive.
New command line options:
Configure changes:
   The --disable-contracted-braille option has been removed.
   The --with-contraction-table option has been added.
   The --without-contraction-table option has been added.

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