[BRLTTY] 6.6 has been released.

Dave Mielke Dave at mielke.cc
Sat Jul 22 13:23:03 EDT 2023

BRLTTY-6.6 has been released. As usual, it can be downloaded from:


Here's a summary of the user-facing changes since 6.5:

General changes:
   The -H (uppercase) option and the concept of hidden options have been removed.
   For consistency (with -A, -B, -S, -X), the -z and -Z short options have been swapped:
      -z is now --stay-privileged
      -Z is now --privilege-parameters
   Multi-line contracted braille is now supported.
   The cursor style can now be set to no dots.
   A rectangular append to the clipboard now ensures a leading newline.
   README.CommandReference has been added.
Speech changes:
   Speech can now be interrupted when writing new text to the input FIFO.
   Autospeak now provides correct character highlighting to the speech driver.
   A word is now a whitespace-delimited (rather than an alphanumeric) sequence of characters.
   Word completion for single-character words now works correctly.
   The ROUTE_SPEECH command (go to the speech cursor) has been added.
   The DESC_CURR_CHAR command now speaks phonetically.
Preferences Menu changes:
   The PREFRESET command has been added.
   Space + p + Dots 7-8 is bound to the new PREFRESET command.
   If the preferences file can't be found then try loading /etc/brltty/default.prefs.
   Save on Exit now also saves the preferences on program termination.
   The Speak Key Context preference has been added.
   The Speak Modifier Key preference has been added.
Baum braille driver changes:
   More recent Orbit Reader models have routing keys.
BrlAPI braille driver changes:
   The speechChanges (no, yes) parameter has been added.
CombiBraille braille driver changes:
   Upgraded to use generic (rather than direct serial) I/O.
   The routing keys are now supported.
DotPad braille driver:
   New - its two-letter driver code is dp.
   A multi-line text display is supported within its graphic area.
Freedom Scientific braille driver changes:
   Minor Focus key binding changes:
      LeftShift + RoutingKey -> SETLEFT
      RightShift + RoutingKey -> SWITCHVT
      LeftSelector + NavrowKey -> PRDIFCHAR
      RightSelector + NavrowKey -> NXDIFCHAR
HandyTech braille driver changes:
   Bluetooth service discovery now needs to be performed (for newer models).
External Speech speech driver changes:
   The volume and pitch can now be set.
   Now disconnects from the server when a write error or timeout occurs.
   Now tries to reconnect to the server if disconnected.
   Now correctly handles the receipt of tracking data.
AtSpi2 screen driver changes:
   A potential crash on receipt of a cursor routing request has been resolved.
File Viewer screen driver:
   New. Its two-letter driver code is fv.
   A virtual screen presents the specified file (via its file parameter).
   The height of the screen is the number of lines within the file.
   The width of the screen is the length of the file's longest line.
Linux screen driver changes:
   A message is shown on the braille display if character injection (TIOCSTI) is disabled.
Terminal Emulator screen driver:
   New. Its two-letter driver code is em.
   It monitors a shared memory segment maintained by a terminal emulator
   for screen content and size, cursor position, etc.
   It uses a message queue to know when the segment has been updated
   and to send input typed on the braille device to the terminal emulator.
   BRLTTY's provided terminal emulator is the new brltty-pty command (in libexec/brltty/).
   The new brltty-term command runs a shell or terminal manager via brltty-pty,
   and also runs BRLTTY with its Terminal Emulator screen driver to interact with it.
BrlAPI changes:
   The version is now 0.8.5 (it was 0.8.4).
   Fuzzing support has been added to the server (see README.APIFuzzing).
   Various fuzzer-detected issues have been resolved.
Contraction tables:
   The en-ueb-g1 (English, Unified, Grade 1) contraction table has been added.
Key tables:
   A possible stack overflow during table compilation has been resolved.
   The run directive has been added.
   The macro directive has been added.
   The isolated directive has been added.
   The ktbcheck tool has been added.
Windows changes:
   The batch scripts have been improved.
   The tasks-brltty.bat script has been added.
   The regquery-brlapi.bat script has been added.
   The build now includes the Debug\ directory, which contains:
      The build's config.h, config.mk, and config.log files.
      Unstripped executables (.exe) and libraries (.dll).

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