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The Mailing List

We recommend that you contact us via BRLTTY's mailing list. This list is for informal discussions between the users and developers of BRLTTY. Your questions, comments, suggestions, criticisms, and contributions are always welcome.

You can post to the list by sending e-mail to <>. If you aren't subscribed to the list then your posts will be held for moderator approval. To subscribe, unsubscribe, change settings, view archives, etc, go to the list's Information Page.

We offer a special invitation to the developers of braille displays. It's our goal to support as many models as possible within the Linux/Unix environment. While we always do as much as we can toward this end, we'd be even more effective with your help. The most important thing we need is the details regarding the communication protocol(s) of your braille display(s). If you prefer to contact us privately for this sort of thing then we invite you to send e-mail to any member(s) of The BRLTTY Team.

The Team

The current members of the BRLTTY team are:
Dave Mielke <>
Nicolas Pitre <>
Stéphane Doyon <>

Other Contributors

Many others have contributed to the BRLTTY project. They include:
Nikhil Nair <>
James Bowden
August Hörandl <>
Oscar Fernandez <>
Jos Lemmens <>
Yannick Plassiard <>
Brailcom o.p.s. <>
Wolfgang Astleitner <>
Mario Lang <MLang@Blind.Guru>
Per Lejontand <>
Sébastien Hinderer <>
Christian Comaschi <>
Andreas Gross <>
Stephane Dalton <>
John Boyer <>
Samuel Thibault <>
Coscell Kao <>

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