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BRLTTY Reference Manual

Access to the Console Screen for Blind Persons using Refreshable Braille Displays

Nikhil Nair <>

Nicolas Pitre <>

Stéphane Doyon <>

Dave Mielke <>

Version 6.6, July 2023
Copyright © 1995-2023 by The BRLTTY Developers. BRLTTY is free software, and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. It is placed under the terms of version 2 or later of The GNU General Public License as published by The Free Software Foundation.

1. Formalities

2. Introduction

3. The Build Procedure

4. Using BRLTTY

5. Feature Descriptions

6. Tables

7. Advanced Topics


8. Supported Braille Displays

9. Supported Speech Synthesizers

10. Driver Identification Codes

11. Supported Screen Drivers

12. Operand Syntax

13. Standard Braille Dot Numbering Convention

14. North American Braille Computer Code

15. MIDI Instrument Table

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