[BRLTTY] 6.3 has been released.

Dave Mielke Dave at mielke.cc
Thu Jan 28 08:21:23 EST 2021


brltty-6.3 has been released. Here's a summary of the most important changes
that it contains:

Core changes:
   The CLIP_NEW command when performed via a keyboard table no longer crashes.
   Message localization now works on Windows and Android.
   Non-UTF8 consoles on Linux and Windows are now supported.
Command line option changes:
   --start-message no longer has a short option (was -Y).
   --stop-message no longer has a short option (was -Z).
   --prompt-patterns no longer has a short option (was -z).
   The short option for --privilege-parameters is now -z (was -y).
   The --stay-privileged [-Z] option has been added.
   Setting the unprivileged user to :STAY-PRIVILEGED: is no longer supported.
   The override-preference option has been renamed to override-preferences.
   The --locale-directory option has been added.
Build changes:
   The Systemd and Udev wrapper scripts are now in libexec/ (not lib/brltty/).
   BRLTTY now has a .pc (pkgconfig) file.
   The revision identifier for the build is now stored within the tarball.
Systemd changes:
   The brlapi group is created during boot if it doesn't already exist.
FreedomScientific braille driver changes:
   Focus models: The SETMARK an GOTOMARK commands have been bound.
XWindow braille driver changes:
   A backspace key has been added.
SpeechDispatcher speech driver changes:
   The name= parameter has been added.
BrlAPI changes:
   The version is now 0.8.2 (it was 0.8.1).
   Some locking issues have been resolved.
Contraction table changes:
   The cldr directive has been renamed to emoji.
   Emoji translation is no longer applied to (some) non-emoji characters.
   A (rare) problem that could cause an infinite loop has been resolved.
Developer changes:
   The versioned symbolic link for libbrlapi.so is now created by make api.
   The run-* scripts now work when the build and source trees aren't the same.
   The run-brltty script now uses the message catalogs within the build tree.
   The msgtest command has been added.

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