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BRLTTY on Google Play

BRLTTY can be installed from Google Play. This is what we recommend because, doing it this way, you'll automatically get new releases, important fixes, etc. You can either search for it by name - i.e. for brltty (without the quotes) - or go directly to its App page:

If BRLTTY has already been installed the old way, i.e. by having sideloaded it, then Google Play will neither automatically update it nor give you the option to reinstall it from there. This is because there's an incompatibility between the two versions - the Google Play version is a signed, release variant of the app whereas the sideload version is an unsigned, debug variant of the app. If you'd like to switch to the Google Play version then you'll need to first uninstall the sideload version.

Translators Are Welcome

We're interested in translating the text on BRLTTY's Android screens into as many languages as possible. If you're a native speaker of a language for which we don't have a translation yet, and if you'd like to do some translating for us, then we'd sure appreciate your help. So far, we have translations for the following languages:

If you'd like to help us then this is what you need to do:

  1. Download this file:
    The strings that we'd like to have translations for.
    • Last updated on 2021-12-31 at 22:46.
  2. Use an editor to translate the English text into your language. The first word on each line is an internal identifier which you should not modify. The rest of the line is the English phrase associated with that identifier. That's the part you need to translate.
  3. Return the translated file to us. The best way is to attach it to an email to me. In your email, please remember to tell me which language it is. It's a good idea to compress the file before attaching it to the email in order to protect all of the special characters used by your language from being inadvertently corrupted during transmission. To compress the file, use a tool like zip, gzip, bzip2, xz, etc.

BrlAPI for Android

The Java client library for BrlAPI on Android is stored within a Maven repository that we maintain. To use it, include the following code within your project's build.gradle script:

Groovy code for including the Android BrlAPI client library.
You can also get BrlAPI's jar and libraries directly:
The jar containing BrlAPI's Java classes.
The arm 32-bit C client library.
The arm 32-bit JNI implementation.
The arm 64-bit C client library.
The arm 64-bit JNI implementation.
The x86 32-bit C client library.
The x86 32-bit JNI implementation.
The x86 64-bit C client library.
The x86 64-bit JNI implementation.

Sideloading BRLTTY

BRLTTY can be sideloaded. This method is, in fact, how it had to be done before BRLTTY was on Google Play. It's still supported although it's no longer what we recommend. The differences between the two methods include:

The relevant files are:

The latest version of BRLTTY for Android.
Using BRLTTY on Android
The latest documentation for BRLTTY on Android.

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